Established Track


To Quality


Experienced Key
Management Team


Established Track


To Quality


Experienced Key
Management Team

Top 3 Pivotal Expectations in the Construction Industry


Experienced Key Management Team

The company is led by our Managing Director Mr. Kester Boon Kai Onn who has 28 years of work experience and General Manager Mr. Loi Teik Ooi who has 10 years of work experience in the construction industry. Their vision and leadership have been driving the company forward, along with their network of business contacts established over the years serving the industry.

Besides, our key management team consists of other qualified personnel, each possessing varying years of experience in their respective fields. At the same time, the team is also comprised of personnel with a balanced mix of experience, some of whom are being groomed for future leadership positions as part of our internal succession plans.

CIDB G7 Contractor with Good Track Record

Since we opened our doors in 2002, our focus has always been building a good track record and making our presence recognized in the local construction industry in order to be a long-term player in the construction scene and we believe to be able to stand strong for close to two decades will be strong evidence of our commitment. Currently, we are a G7 contractor, which is the highest grade for registrations issued by CIDB.

ISO Certified Quality Assurance

To this end, our QMS was assessed and certified to have complied with the requirements of MS ISO 9001:2015 for the scope involving the provision of steel fabrication, construction, maintenance, and services of telecommunication infrastructures.

Our Solution

Specialist Tailored Façade
Solutions with Quality Architectural Finishes

Building Facade can be really challenging to deal with as we have to make sure the finished products exhibit desired structural integrity, pleasing aesthetic and require minimum maintenance.

Our team of experienced fabricators and competent on-site installers will ensure consultant's and client's requirements are met.

We have a fleet of machineries to fabricate high quality composite panels and glass, steel brackets needed for panels installation

As for architectural finishes, high quality of workmanship is the key and with our strong understanding of architect’s requirement, we have to date been able to deliver.

Quality Hardscape Deliveries
with Prominent Portfolio

Our portfolio and past experiences in dealing with award-winning landscape architectural firms will ensure our deliveries are in tandem with client's expectations.

We have wide coverage in the hard landscape works and this enables us to provide client peace of mind and extra reliability.

Resourcefulness and experiences in material selection, installation & protection works are also our keys.

Experienced Team of Steel
Fabricators Pursuing High Accuracy

Curved non-load bearing steel designs can be really challenging to work on particularly when landscape architects today intend to provide building facilities floor a differentiating factor and identity.

As for structural steel, our wide exposures in the steel industry will prepare us to take up any challenging steel design fabrication & installation works.

Spearheaded the Telecommunication
Industry Development

Over the past 12 years, we have covered over 2500 sites across Malaysia and our experience in dealing with the main Telco services providers in Malaysia will be valuable.

It was a huge recognition being the strategic partner of the global leader in telecommunication , ZTE (M) corporation.

We provide a wide coverage of works involved in the Telco industry, from engineering services to steel structure fabrication works.

Specialist in
Fuel Station Construction

Strong background in civil, mechanical & electrical (CME) to manage majority of the work scopes.

Successfully completed first fuel station with second in the pipeline and several others in tendering and negotiation phase.

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